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Our slider mounts are leaps and bounds above better than what Polaris sends you. They are set into the frame and out of the way. They do not leave the tail of the bolt sticking through the bolt, and they are not a 1 time use like the Polaris mounts.


Works for Generals and RZRS.


Sliders can be removed and put back on for washing behind or re-powder coating. Usually are in stock and ship within a day or two of payment clearing.


2 Seat hardware packs comes with:



12-5/16"x1" flanged bolt


4 Seat hardware packs comes with:



16-5/16"x1" flanged bolt

Slider Mount Kit

    • Remove T-40 Torx screws from side of machine that is threaded into the frame. 2 seat cars will have 3 per side, 4 seat cars will have 4 per side.
    • Drill out threaded holes IN THE FRAME of the machine, that the torx screws came out of, with a 1/4" drill bit. (Do not drill out the bracket)
    • Frame needs to be drilled out so the bracket gets sucked up tight inside the frame. 
    • Use the supplied 5/16" bolt, threaded into supplied bracket, and fish that into the frame towards the newly reamed out hole. 
    • TIP- Do not completely clean out threads of thread cut filings. It helps keep the bracket horizontal to slide into the frame.
    • Screw the T-40 Torx screw back into its original (drilled out) hole, and tighten it into the bracket that is now inside the frame. There are enough washers to add a washer to the T-40 Torx screw. It is not uncommon for the plastic to be pulled through on these older Polaris machines.
    • Once you have the Torx screw threaded into the bracket, use the supplied bolt (still threaded into the bracket) and center the bolt in the hole in the frame, and tighten up. Do not over tighten, as you may strip threads, or break the bolt.
    • Unthread the 5/16" bolt, and repeat. Once all brackets are installed on one side, you can install the slider. 
    • As you are installing, a small screwdriver may help in aligning the brackets to the mounts on the sliders. 
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