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This roof rack is at the top of its game with 1/8" aluminum side panels and aluminum cross bars with tie down points. The roof is also 1/8" aluminum and works seamlessly with this roof rack.  


This rack can be equipped with rear 6" LED lights, and or a front 40" light bar that would be attached to the rack itself. Pick between chrome and black series LED bars! Lights must be purchased seperately.


Pease specify what roof this rack will be installed on in the ADD A NOTE section during checkout. Roof rack must be mounted to an aluminum roof. If you already have an aluminum roof, please purchase the roof rack separately.


Roofs all come with brackets for factory mounted speakers in rear panel of roof, you may not need them if you do not have the factory speakers attached to rear of cage.


This product can take up to 3 weeks to ship. 



General 4 Seat Full Roof and Roof Rack

  • Thank you for purchasing your parts for your General from Side By Customs! If you have any questions during install, feel free to reach out and call 385.333.5117 or email 

    Be sure to check out other items for your machine at!


    ***Please read through all steps before starting!***


    Tools needed will be:

    -T-40 Torx Bit

    -T-30 Torx Bit

    -#3 Phillips Bit

    -7/16” socket

    -7/16” end wrench

    -Adjustable wrench

    -5/16” Drill Bit

    -Flathead Screwdriver

    -Squeeze clamp, if available

    -A drill helps make disassembly and reassembly much faster

    -A helpful friend helps as well.


    • Remove the old roof and set aside. While removing, leave the front plastic visor on.

    • If this is going on a General XP, then you will need to take down the existing speakers in the rear as well. They will be remounted with provided brackets later on. 

    • Set the roof on the roll cage and verify fitment, and also where you need to stick the supplied foam. 

    • Front piece has more of a rounded front to match the plastic visor, and five holes along the edge on one side and then two on each side, towards the front.

    • Rear piece is the smallest piece with the drip edge gutter the keeps water from running down your neck.

    • Middle piece (if a G4), is the biggest piece, and sits on top of the other two pieces and allows the water to shed.

    • Use supplied foam padding, and stick to the top of the cage. If you do not want to stick to the cage, while the roof is on the cage, you can mark out where on the roof you would like to stick the foam. 

    • Once you have the foam in place on the cage, loosely thread nuts, bolts and washers into matching 10 holes along the two roof seams. DO NOT TIGHTEN YET!

    • If you have General XP- Skip ahead.

    • If you have a roof rack- Skip ahead.

    • If you have neither, proceed with instructions.

    • Once all 10 bolts are in place, you can start adding the “J” clamps on to the cage and mounting to the roof. Loosely add all clamps and center roof on machine. 

    • Once centered as so desired, you can start tightening up all of the bolts.


    General XP

    • Pull the factory speaker mounts off of the speakers and replace with SBC supplied mounts. Loosely mount these.

    • Use the supplied jig and mark out holes in the rear roof panel. Jig lines up with 3 existing oval holes on the sides of the rear roof panel. Verify fitment of speaker and new mounts before you drill. Some adjustments may need to be made before drilling into the rear roof panel.

    • Once the holes are drilled and matched to the speaker mounts, you can mount the speaker mounts to the roof.


    Roof Rack

    • There should be 4 side pieces, 7 cross bars, 1 front plate, and 1 rear.

    • Loosely assemble roof rack on ground or work bench.

    • Start with the front plate and two front side pieces. Front plate has a slope at roughly 55 degrees and the front side pieces are the shorter side pieces that bolt up and match.

    • The rear plate bolts up to the longer of the side pieces.

    • The rear side panels slide inside of the front side panels and loosely bolt together.

    • Unwrap cross members, there should be 3 slightly longer ones that go into the front half of the roof rack, and the 4 slightly shorter ones in the back.

    • Once all cross members are snugly bolted (not tight, not loose) into the sides, go ahead and tighten up the front and rear plates to the sides. Make sure to square up the end cap plates to the side plates. 

    • Once those are tight, then feel free to tighten up the cross members tighter.

    • Leave the 4 bolts on either side that bolt the side plates together just barely snug for now.

    • Attaching mounts:

    • There are 3 sets of mounts, and some of them share holes with the “J” clamps that hold the roof to the cage. 

    • The longer mounts go up front, the shorter mounts go in the back. The dual slotted mounts can go in the middle and drilled in anywhere if additional support is needed in the roof rack. 

    • Some people just have it because it looks cool, and some people actually use their racks. That is up to installers discretion.

    • Loosely attach the mounts to the rack and then ask a buddy to help you set the rack up onto the General.

    • Center up the roof and rack, and start to attach clamps and slowly start to tighten all bolts and hardware together.

    • Go through and double check that all bolts are tight and add in any other foam that may be needed to help keep the cage and roof from rattling against each other.

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