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5 Utah ATV and UTV Trails you NEED to Ride

Outdoor enthusiasts of all kinds flock to Utah for the beautiful scenery and variety of landscapes it has to offer. Riders have access to countless UTV trails in Utah for taking their vehicles for a spin, from the lush Northern mountains to the stark red rocks and canyons down south.

With so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which are the best UTV trails in Utah! We’ve been to nearly every nook and cranny of our home state and can confidently say that there are just too many good options to list them all. Regardless, we narrowed it down to 5 must-ride areas for Powersports.

Each area has its own unique characteristics, so we hesitate to rank them in any particular order. This article is the perfect starting point for planning your next ATV or UTV ride.

Let’s take a look:

1. Five Mile Pass Recreation Area

Location: Cedar Valley, UT

Barely an hour away from Salt Lake City in the West desert, you’ll find the Five Mile Pass Recreation Area. This slice of BLM land is covered in all kinds of desert mountain terrain, as well as trails, hills, and washes. The large day-use parking lots provide plenty of room, which is needed with such a popular destination for UTV riding in Utah.

Luckily, there’s more than enough trail to go around—50 miles of it. It’s worth making use of the free dispersed camping space to get another morning session in before heading home! Spring or fall provides the perfect temperature for spending your time out in a harsh environment with no shade. Five Mile Pass is great for riders of all experience levels.

2. Little Sahara Recreation Area

Location: Nephi, UT

Little Sahara is a well-known offroading area, and for good reason. You’ll find acres of dunes, trails, and sagebrush flats. On top of the 10-by-12-miles recreation area, the Little Sahara features the legendary 700-foot high Sand Mountain. This is one of the best hill climb locations in the state!

Admission is $18 per vehicle, per night. This is well worth it for the easy-access dunes and endless hills and bowls. Difficulty levels of these trails range from amateur to expert, making this one of the best UTV trails in Utah! This is great if you’re bringing a family along as well; There are children’s sand areas and plenty of camping spots available.

3. Arapeen OHV Trail

Location: Manti, UT

Just 2 hours south of Salt Lake City are over 600 miles of trails for taking out your ATVs, UTVs, and more. The Arapeen OHV trail is accessible from any of Sanpete County's seven canyons. This is a great area that provides a stark contrast to the barren desert locations listed above. Any vehicle thinner than 66 inches will get you all over around these beautiful Aspen and Conifer forests.

The Arapeen trail is accessible for those of all experience levels. Whether you’re on a weekend outing with pros or a nice family trip, there are sections perfect for you. You’ll find runs of all kinds, from trails through dense woods to hills and drop-offs. This is all available free of cost, and we highly recommend taking a trip!

4. Moab Rim Trail

Location: Moab, UT

Just to the southwest corner of town in Moab, Utah lies nearly 8 miles of treacherous offroad trails. This has certainly been a little much for some vehicles in the past, but with the right equipment, it can be difficult to find a more exciting area. Here you’ll find incredible outlooks, beautiful slickrock and sandstone, as well as sand hills.

The Moab Rim Trail is one best left to 4-wheel experts. While it is cost-free, you could end up paying a lot more for going in underprepared for the rocks and drop-offs that await you. That being said, if you’ve got what it takes, this is a bucket-list trail.

5. Mill Canyon ATV Trail

Location: Midway, UT

There are quite a few different canyons that you can use to access these 75 miles of OHV trails deep in the Wasatch Mountains. Mill Canyon sits just west of Midway, Utah, and offers amazing views along trails that can be enjoyed by people of all experience levels. This is a great spot to make a trip out of, with numerous camping sites and plenty of roads to explore.

The Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest offers 3-day passes for $6. The Wasatch State Park side will charge you $7 per day. There is ample space on the trails for ATVs of all sizes and shapes.

Custom Racks and More for UTV Riding in Utah

Utah’s beautiful backcountry truly shines when it’s enjoyed through off-road powersports. If you’re spending the time and money to make it out there, it’s worth showing up with the right equipment. Side By Customs is the industry leader in rock sliders and vehicle protection under your machine.

Utah’s ATV enthusiasts trust Side By Customs with everything ranging from skid plates to roof racks. While SBC has every part and accessory you could want for the Polaris General, our shop is also working daily on new products for the XP Pros, Rangers, Commanders, X3s, Teryx, KRX, and more.

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