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These are the Tree Kicker varient of our widely popular rock sliders. These are used to kick the back end of your machine around trees on narrow trails. These kickers are mostly used down in the south and back east of the United States but are a great option for anyone who finds themselves on narrow trails often! Our tree kickers are built with 1/8" steel. They are built to function but also to compliment your machine. These bars are attached with our custom made brackets and 5/16" bolts. Kickers are bent and wrap under the machine 2.5".


These all fit the Regular and XP Versions.

Please allow up to 4-5 weeks for this product to ship as they are built to order most of the time.


Comes with all mounting hardware.

Comes in pairs of left and right.

Standard pricing is simple, raw.


Polaris General Tree Kickers

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